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How should I clean and store my pearl jewelry?

Types Of Pearls
Akoya The most valuable type of pearl, these gems are grown in the Akoya oysters of Japan. They are known for their radiance and deep luster.
Mabe (Pronounced mah-beh.) A pearl grown on the inside shell of an oyster. Its hemispherical (half-round) shape allows the host oyster to produce a larger pearl.
Freshwater Pearls cultured in freshwater mollusks are generally small and off-shape and have a cloudy luster. These pearls come in a variety of shapes (button, coin, flat, rice, oval) and natural colors (orange, gold, white, purple, blue, and black).
South Sea These black, white, and silver-toned pearls are grown in the waters around Australia and Tahiti. The oysters of these waters are large, allowing for a larger pearl (10 mm or more) to be grown inside the oyster.


Cleaning Instruction:

If you wear your pearls frequently, you should consider washing them approximately once a year. Although professional cleaning is recommended, self-cleaning can also be done.

Place your pearls in a colander ( plastic ) to minimize handling your pearls. Dip the colander several times in a mild soap solution ( use a clear liquid soap ) ( Ivory ). Rinse thoroughly in clean water. Pour the pearls onto a towel and allow to dry for at least 24 hours before handling them.

Consider having your pearls restrung after three washings.


Unlike diamonds, pearls are extremely sensitive gems. Follow this checklist and keep your pearls beautiful for many generations.

  • Clean regularly by wiping gently with a soft cloth. Pearls can absorb perfume and skin oils as well as dirt.
  • Put on your pearls after you have applied makeup and perfume.
  • Never soak pearls in water—they may become stained or discolored
  • Restring pearls annually to keep strands at their optimum strength and appearance.
  • To clean, use a mild, nondetergent soap and lukewarm water. Let the pearls dry for several days between two soft towels.
  • Store pearls separately in their own box or soft silk pouch. Pearls may chip or pit, so keep them away from other jewelry.
  • Never close pearls up in an airtight container. Allow them to breathe.
  • Protect pearls from temperature extremes and chemicals such as vinegar, alcohol, ammonia, and hair spray, which can erode their surfaces.
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