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Historic 1857 Shipwreck Treasures
Released by Austin Rare Coins...

by http://www.austincoins.com/shipwreck_history.htm

In August of 1857, some 400 passengers left the Vallejo Street Wharf in San Francisco headed from the California GoldRush back east, first by steamship to Panama, then over the isthmus by railroad– and finally aboard the S.S. Central America steamship headed for New York.  Little did these adventurers on board the "Ship of Gold" realize they were headed toward a watery grave in the Atlantic Ocean.

On that tragic day in September of 1857, the mail steamship S.S. Central America was battered by a fierce hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas.  Within a few hours, over 500 passengers and a treasure ship full of gold sunk to a watery grave where they remained buried beneath the Atlantic Ocean for the next 130 years.

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