Because of GATA we are winning the Gold Wars.

For several years the folks behind GATA have been fighting for a free gold market. Recent events and a gradual changing of the public's positive perception of gold prove that GATA's message IS getting out. As gold continues to build a base around 300 an ounce and builds from there it is important to remember that the battle is not yet won. We encourage all believers in free markets to continue to show their support for GATA. Even sending a humble email showing your encouragement & support to the folks behind GATA would go a long way to keeping the flame of liberty & truth alive.

"If you're looking to be, as is said of hockey great Wayne Gretzky, where the fiscal "puck" will be in a month or two, review this week's two hours of presentations by the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee to journalists and investors at the Washington Press Club. GATA Chairman Bill Murphy and others describe how the world's largest bullion banks have manipulated the market for gold prices, in essence depressing the price in an effort to promote profitable bullion lending."
See the testimony on C-Span.
"It's like a neutron bomb; it's like Enron," said Murphy, a former Wall Street commodities trader. He and the members of GATA see gold prices "melting up" to $600 an ounce and more as the world's largest money-center banks, and hedged gold producers, unwind tens of trillions of dollars of derivative trades and other gold short-sales and exchanges."
"It's coming; I can't predict the timing." Central banks and commercial banks conspired to keep the price of gold depressed in the late 1990s as a way of manipulating economic signals, he says."
Thom Calandra CBSMarketwatch 2-15-2002

* * * * *

One of the casualties of a manipulated gold price was the loss of a gold mining company called Greenstone Resources. Greenstone, along with many other fine companies, could not survive an artificially maintained gold price kept unfairly below 300 an ounce. Greenstone at its height had a market cap over 1 billion US dollars. This market cap of over 1 billion dollars was based on a resource of 5 million ounces.

Well, the boys who built a 1 billion dollar market cap are at it again. The brains that created Greenstone Resources have come together to build another gold giant called Seabridge Resources (SEA.V).

Let's introduce ourselves to these gold professionals that are going to make some lucky shareholders very happy.

James S. Anthony, Chairman of the Board, Seabridge - is a financier and corporate strategist specializing in growth companies. Mr. Anthony recently served as chairman of the board of Greenstone Resources Ltd.

Rudi P. Fronk, Director, President and CEO, Seabridge - has 20 years experience in the gold business, primarily as a senior officer and director of publicly traded companies. During Mr. Fronk's recent five year tenure as President of Greenstone Resources Ltd., the company increased gold resources by over 5 million ounces, completed three bankable feasibility studies and constructed three open-pit heap leach mines. These activities led to a growth in market capitalization during this period from approximately $50 million, to over $1.0 billion at its peak.
William M. Calhoun, Director, Seabridge - From 1972 through 1981 Mr. Calhoun served as President and CEO of Day Mines, Inc., an American Stock Exchange Company with mining operations in the western United States. In 1980 Day Mines was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top-five best-managed companies with less than $100 million in sales. During Mr. Calhoun's tenure, Day Mines increased revenues 950%, net income 2,000%, dividends 670%, and total assets 880%, all without incurring any long-term debt.

Dr. Vahid Fathi, Director, Seabridge -Dr. Fathi was named an All-Star (Gold) Analyst by The Wall Street Journal in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 1999, and was ranked among the top five analysts in the metals and mining industry in each of those years. In 1994, Institutional Investor included him on its All-American Team as the best gold mining industry analyst…

William Threlkeld, Chief Geologist, Seabridge - is acknowledged as one of North America's outstanding geologists. Mr. Threlkeld directed programs that resulted in the discovery and delineation of Las Cristinas, Venezuela (9.7 million ounces), Cerro Crucitas, Costa Rica (2.3 million ounces) and Mulatos, Mexico (2.0 million ounces, National Gold). From 1997 to 2000 he was Vice President, Exploration for Greenstone Resources Ltd.

There is a saying within the gold mining industry that a good gold mine is MADE and not simply stumbled upon. These directors & managers at Seabridge have already proven & EARNED their credentials and they will DO SO AGAIN!

Seabridge has already acquired advanced stage deposits of over 7 million ounces gold. The founding members of Greenstone have proceeded to repeat their accomplishments via Seabridge Resources.

The strategy of Seabridge is to take advantage of the low gold price by acquiring gold properties for pennies on the dollar. Seabridge is acquiring advanced development stage projects in North America to be held on hold for a higher gold price which is on its way. Somewhat like the story of a developer buying up cheap vacant unwanted land along the path where a super expressway is soon to be built. Even while I was writing this article Seabridge was closing on the purchase of another half a million ounces of gold for literally pennies on the dollar.

* * * * *

There is a story in the Bible about a Master who left his household to go on a very long journey. None of the household servants new when their master was returning. Needless to say eventually the good master did return back home. Because he was gone away for so very long a number of the household servants became negligent in their household chores & duties. Unfortunately, the day the good master returned many of the servants were not ready for that day he came walking up the household steps to the front door. Those servants who had become lazy & did not keep up with their duties were in serious trouble & were thrown into the fire.

My friends, the day of GOLD's return has arrived!

Many gold companies gave up on the return of gold and entered the Internet & Tech sector a few years ago while letting their gold assets slide into a state of neglect & disrepair. Also, there were some gold analysts who lost patience waiting for gold to return and started touting Internet stocks. As far as we are concerned, both those gold companies and the gold analysts who began touting Internet & fancy technology stocks, their days are over as respected gold market players. If they try and re-enter the gold market again buyer beware.

The point we are trying to make here is that now that gold is becoming popular again a lot of self seekers will be attempting to get on the boat as self described market experts and market makers. Keep your eyes open for these false prophets readers. When you seek to gather information about the gold market & info concerning the best gold stocks seek out the advice of those individuals who have stayed the course these last five years. You will recognize who these persons are. Stay away from the opportunists who are trying to get on the boat now without a pass.

What we are trying to illustrate is that it is the bad times that bring out the charactor in an individual and those difficult dark valleys that make the heart strong and the mind tough. Diversity is what strengthens character. Enduring the down side of a business is what gives business leaders savvy, expertise and survival skills. Then when things turn around and better days eventually return their skills are sharpened to a fine edge.

As you look for guidance to steer you to the best gold investments in these better golden days look for the gold leaders who hung in there during the dark years when everyone was laughing at anyone who believed in gold and laughed at any one who believed that gold would one day arise from the ashes.

This gold bull market represents a wonderful blessed opportunity for investors who have seen their 401K portfolios crash to recoup their losses & THEN SOME.

We wanted to mention something else of importance that will probably shock the reader driving him to turn his/her computer off & running out the door. We do not believe in the long-term hold strategy that has been preached to investors for years. And of course the first person's name that you will remind us of is Warren Buffet. Doesn't Warren Buffet buy & hold for the long term? We'll share with you a secret. When WB buys into a company he is not just buying the shares with the simple hope of share price appreciation. WB generally is purchasing a large enough block of shares that gives him a controlling interest in a company. And if you do not know the difference between having a CONTROLING interest in a company and just owning a few shares of stock then you need to go back to your television in your living room.

The concept of the buy & hold strategy that has been fostered on the American People probably has done more harm to the financial health & well being of America's stockholders than any other thing. We'll share with you another secret. Wall Street Insiders & Market Players buy low & sell high. We don't think that is really settling in well so we'll say it again. The power elite buys LOW & SELLS HIGH.

Have you followed the adventures of Enron? If the owners of Enron had the wisdom to sell off a portion of their stock as it went up and diversified in other investments then they would still own a portion of their capital.

The 401K Plan has been preached to a ruinous extent on American investors. They have been told for years that stocks always only go up & that if you just wait 20 or 30 years you will be a millionaire by retirement. Can ANYONE really predict the future? We know that we cannot. We always have thought it was the most wicked & evil act that while ma & pa Kettle have been holding onto their stocks these past two years the market players have been selling & getting out of Dodge.

Don't get us wrong. We are not advocating that there is an automatic cutoff point at which you automatically sell & dump your portfolio. What we are saying is would it not be wiser if as your stock went up you sold a portion & reinvested those funds in another area? The individual investor has to determine when he/she should sell a portion of his/her profits and where those funds should be reinvested for diversification purposes.

The point, though, is that until the day you sell you really have not made anything. Concerning gold shares we believe the wise investor should sell a portion of his earnings as the stock appreciates to guarantee & lock in a profit. But you say, "I may have to pay taxes?" We'll bet every past internet, technology, Enron, Lucent, Global Crossing share owner wishes to the good Lord above that they had sold at a time when they would have HAD to pay Uncle Sam a portion of their share profits to the Fed.

No one can predict the future of ANY company. We believe that the circumstances of the past couple of years are proving to investors that no company is too big to fall. We apply this most particular to gold stocks. Sure, in this advancing gold bull mania these shares will go to the stars. But you only have made any money on the day that you sell. Sell, pay your taxes, and thank God above that you were able to make a significant sum where you had the opportunity to PAY taxes.

What are the results of these myths that for so many years have been fostered on our society of investors? Pay very close attention to the article we want you to read by Paul Farrell with CBSMarketwatch. This article illustrates well the deception that has been perpetrated on the American people.

"Sell everything and go to cash?"

"Got your attention? Think about it. If you used an all-cash investment strategy back when the NASDAQ peaked at 5,000, you'd be a winner today. I listen closely to the voice of the average investor on Main Street. This is what I hear: They're disillusioned, hurt and disgusted with what's happened to the moral integrity that once anchored American capitalism."
"Their faith is dying. An evil conspiracy is doing more damage to us from within, than any external enemy. Listen to the anguish, the lost faith, the fear that nothing will change."
"They did all the right things -- and they were betrayed. They've lost their faith in the American capitalism of our fathers, our grandfathers and our colonial forebears."
"Today they see a greedy system rotting at the core -- trusting no one. All they see is one massive conspiracy sabotaging the principles that made America great."
"Wall Street bankers? "Greed is good," said Gordon Gekko, the banker in the 1987 classic movie "Wall Street." In the 1990s, greed got even better for Wall Street's IPO geniuses selling no-earnings dot-coms. They sold us Enron, the biggest bankruptcy fraud in American history."

"The ethical crisis in American capitalism is bad and it could get worse. For those of you who are just fed up with the whole mess, you might consider an all-cash strategy. That's right, go to cash until your faith revives."
"Trust only in prayer."
By Paul B. Farrell, 12:04 AM ET Feb. 8, 2002

Hold on guys! Are you absorbing this pessimism? Paul is in near tears because the stock market is failing and is no longer producing 30% yearly returns & some of these companies the American people were told to believe in have gone belly up.

One other thing, isn't it amazing how religious everyone becomes when they start losing money? "Trust in prayer." Yes, when we are losing money we "Trust in prayer", but when we are getting rich & the stock market is going straight up prayer is a forgotten concept.

What if during all of the good investing years when stocks were doing well investors were taught NOT TO HOLD ON FOREVER & TO NEVER SELL but, instead, were taught to sell off a portion of their profitable stocks and invest the proceeds into SOMETHING ELSE with that money. The truth is that we were all told to put all our hopes in one basket and HOLD ON TO THE LONG TERM & TO NEVER SELL!!! NEVER LOCKING IN ONE SOLITARY DOLLAR IN PROFITS.

Well, last year a lot of people made money in gold stocks. Isn't the primary purpose in investing to make money wherever the buck is to be made? No, my friends it is not. This whole stock market bubble was fostered on the American people so that while the conventional typical investor was blindly putting every last dollar in their 401K portfolio "for the long term" the market players were getting into the market and buying low & selling high. And they repeated this process over and over compounding their earning on repeated transactions while "ma & pa" were holding forever, but NEVER selling and NEVER locking in one single dollar in profits.

We believe the gold market and trading gold stocks represents a good opportunity for investors to learn the TRUE HIDDEN secret objective played by the "big boys", but kept hidden from the majority of investors. As gold soars and these gold mining stocks create obscene profits learn to sell as the stock goes up. Get your capital out and reinvest in another investment. You repeat the process over & over and end up never having all your money in only ONE COMPANY. That is what making money is all about. The end result is that you have learned to take a portion of your rising profits out & to widely diversify your investments.

"And, speaking of psychology and perceptions of the gold market, conditions are changing quickly in the USA."

"Gold mining stocks are mentioned repeatedly on CNN, the current rallies in gold are news events, and the beginning of resurgence in interest in this commodity is now taking place."

"Please remember that many "Western" investors tend to be "momentum driven", which is to say that they disdain buying "value" in a stock or commodity, but would rather buy into rallies, hoping to buy high to sell even higher. And, gains in those funds which specialize in the precious metals, have gained 46% over the last year versus a 17% loss in the average diversified US equity fund."

"Gold may undergo a cataclysmic transformation in investor psychology, from the ugly duckling to the absolute belle of the ball." Leonard Kaplan, The Bullion Desk 2-11-02

There has been concern among investors if these undervalued gold stocks are by definition penny stocks. Let me take the time to define the definition of a true penny stock so its implications & risks can be understood.
Before gold crashed in 1998 & 1999 a gold penny stock was generally considered to be a wildcat exploration company HOPING to make a big find. These often were not the best investment because the odds of finding a good deposit were minimal.
Today, with the lower gold price, almost all-junior gold stocks are still at prices that are close to the prices that used to be defined as a penny stock. Case in point is Nevsun Resources. In 1996 the stock traded for around 15 US dollars a share and was a considered a viable solid company with close to 3 million ounces of gold in the ground and working joint arrangements with senior gold companies.
Last year at its bottom Nevsun had a share price of .08 US cents. Nevsun had seen its stock go from a high of 250 million US market cap in 1996 to a market cap of around 2 million US dollars in 2001.
And of course the simple fact is that as gold returns to 1996 values these companies will return to their previous share price & market cap.
Are you starting to understand why the individuals that diligently cover & follow this gold market give it so much attention? If for 5 years you have believed that the price of gold would go back up and that one day these gold juniors would return to their earlier equilibrium then you begin to see why investing in these junior golds represent a buying opportunity of a lifetime. Already Nevsun has returned to a stock price of around .54 US cents & a corresponding market cap around 14 million US dollars.
Bema Gold is another gold stock that in 1996 had an individual share price of around 10 US dollars. Bema descended to a low last year of .19 US cents a share and a market cap of around 30 million dollars. Bema Gold has one of the largest gold mines of any of the juniors only waiting for a 350 dollar gold price to be profitable. Bema Gold a "penny" stock? We don't think so.
We don't really like to term these lower priced junior gold stocks as "penny stocks". INSTEAD, WE PREFER TO VIEW THESE JUNIOR GOLD STOCKS AS THE OPPORTUNITY & BUY OF A LIFETIME!!!
Goldcorp has tripled in price this past year and has just announced a stock split. Are you beginning to recognize the potential of investing in this gold market? We believe that this will be the decade for gold. Of course if you chose not to believe this you can go buy shares of Enron, Lucent, & Global Crossing. The irony that amazes me is that for safety after the tech wreck of 2000 the investing public massed as a whole to buy these larger "proven" technology giants. And now these tech giants are going bankrupt.
There are just too many imbalances in our economy throughout the entire world now for this economy to turn around with any degree of swiftness. The Japanese know this and that is why they are trading in their yens & dollars for gold.
If you look at the Gold Company Picks 2-08-2002 / au 303.20 list you will notice that the company with the smallest market cap is National Gold. Placer Dome spent over 35 million US dollars on this project and proved up a high-grade deposit of close to 1.5 million au and a total resource of 3.4 million au. They sold it to take advantage of the tax loss in the low gold price environment. Also, they were looking for a deposit of over 5 million ounces. National Gold went in and purchased this property for a song. The project is located in Northern Mexico so presents zero political risks for investment purposes.
As of 2-12-2002 National Gold still had a market cap of ONLY 4.4 million US dollars. The average market cap in 1996 of all gold companies with just 1 million ounces P&P was 167 million dollars (Gold Stock Analyst February 1996).
When we first read about National Gold's purchase of Placer Dome's deposit in Mexico & saw the company had a market cap at the time of only a little over 1 million dollars we saw it immediately as a good investment. The risk/reward ratio was just too great to pass us by. Even now at around .35 cents US & a market cap of 4.5 US million only a complete idiot could pass this one by.
A wonderful opportunity presents itself here for someone who believes gold is going up & has the brains to recognize a good opportunity when he or she sees it.
"I see this situation (National Gold) as being similar to NovaGold last April when it acquired Donlin Creek from Placer Dome. At first, that project was met with skepticism, but as investors became more knowledgeable, NovaGold's share price gained more than five-fold over a few months. I believe that National Gold has the potential for a gain similar to NovaGold as investors come to better appreciate the merits of this project." Lawrence Roulston Resource Opportunities November 2001

Hey, we're no fools. We'll purchase a stake in a gold company with 3.5 million ounces of GOLD PLUS & a market cap at only a few million ANY day!!! It amazes me yet that so many complacent empty minds are still sitting in front of their TV sets hoping Enron will come back when we are at the beginning of the GREATEST gold bull market this world has ever seen.

We love to hear over & over the words of noted gold analyst Mr. Doug Casey, "It's time to back up the truck and load up on these gold junior shares!!!"

NEW YORK (CBS.MW) - John Hathaway believes it could be the decade for gold.

The Tocqueville Gold Fund (TGLDX) manager sees gold rising to between $400 and $500 an ounce, up from the current $300. "We're still in the very early stages of what could be a very big move for gold," he said.

Factors such as the deteriorating quality of credit in Argentina and Japan, the quality of reported U.S. earnings and the bear market that have been bothering the market aren't going to go away anytime soon," he said. Deborah Adamson CBSMarketwatch 2-13-2002

Below are those gold stocks that we believe have good fundamentals. We believe these companies are presently significantly undervalued & represent a good buy at the time based primarily on their present market cap & share price.

Gold Company Picks 2-08-2002 / au 303.20

Bema (BGO) 84.3 US million market cap $.53US Approx 10 million ounces +

Golden Star (GSRSF.OB) 62 US mill market cap $1.29US Exc. property portfolio
1996 500M + market cap

National Gold (NGT.V) 4.4 US mill market cap $.36 Canadian approx 3.4 million/au +
AU res confirmed by Placer Dome.

Nevsun (NSU.TO) 14 US mill market cap $.80 Canadian 2.7 million ounces +
1996/market cap $250 US million.

NovaGold (NRI.TO) 64 US mill market cap $3.45 Canadian 3 million ounces au +
Over $5 USbillion au waiting to be mined!

Seabridge (SEA.V) 8 US mill market cap $.86 Canadian approx 7.1 mill ounces +
Run by ex Greenstone Professionals.

These market caps & dollar valuations are based on Friday's market close, 2-8-2002.

Some of these represent the more SPECULATIVE of the junior gold mining companies.

The market caps of gold companies are changing drastically and we recommend these as the BEST undervalued picks at the moment based on their closing stock price & total market cap as of 2-8-2002.

These are choice picks ONLY for those individuals who believe we are at the beginning of a major gold bull market. Which we believe we are. John Doody, who publishes The Gold Stock Analyst, ALWAYS recommends purchasing a MINIMUM of 6 different gold mining company stocks for safety & diversification. Never forget Enrons do happen.

Some of these choices are based on total gold in the ground, management, and a couple of these picks are companies we believe will be promoted significantly by THE EXPERTS. It is the editor's opinion that these picks represent gold mining companies that are presently significantly undervalued.

Again, some of these are the more speculative of the gold companies, but that is where the REAL "SIGNIFICANT" MONEY IS MADE!

It is our personal belief that NO rising stock should be held forever. Practical sound common sense dictates that when a stock increases in price and significantly increases by an amount equal to your original capital investment then the investor should at least cash in a % of the total and reinvest the proceeds in ANOTHER different investment that represents a good buy at that time.

This way you are getting some of your money out, but still holding a balance to take advantage of any continuing stock price climb.

It never ceases to amaze us how few of the "Internet & Technology" millionaires (ONLY ON PAPER OF COURSE) NEVER sold a SINGLE share as they watched their paper share price ascend to millions of dollars!

And you know what happened to these individuals. They lost EVERYTHING as the great Internet & Technology boom ended.


* * * * *

Read this next article guys and tell me if you think the economy is really turning around as they say it is on fantasy TV.
The nation's fourth-largest local phone company saw its stock and bonds plunge Thursday after disclosing that it was forced to borrow $1.1 billion from banks because it was unable to raise suitable financing in short-term money markets.
The door to commercial paper lending, generally used by companies to finance day-to-day operations, could close on others in coming weeks as investors fret about the financial health of debt-laden companies.
"You are going to see a parade of American icons going through bankruptcy courts over the next two years," says William Brandt, a bankruptcy expert at Development Specialists.
("Did I just read that for 2 years we are going to see a parade of American Icons going bankrupt? That by itself will provide 2 years worth of momentum for gold," your editor)
"Even if the economy improves, we are still likely to see more bankruptcies and corporate bond defaults in 2002.
If the economy remains weak, it will be even WORSE," says John Puchalla of credit-rating agency Moody's.
By Thor Valdmanis, USA TODAY 2-15-2002
According to this article it sounds just like the type of atmosphere that gold prospers in. Now look at this chart below and look at how well gold is doing for the year 2002 so far. Third one from the bottom.

Lipper Index
Stock mutual funds

Capital Appreciation -4.06
Growth Fund -4.11
Small Cap Fund -4.60
Growth & Income -2.29
Equity Income Fd -1.62
Science and Tech Fd -6.55
International Fund -2.67
Gold Fund 25.00
Balanced Fund -1.46
Emerging Markets 6.41

Did I read 25%!!! Yes, I believe I did read 25% so far for the year 2002! Sounds pretty good to me!!! According to this little bit of trivial data gold appears to be THE PLACE TO BE!!!
And the beauty of it is that not one other sector even comes close!!!

* * * * *

Examining gold securities objectively & accurately is as important as assessing any other type of security. All potential purchases require diligence & up to date information. A good broker will have access to good information that the conventional investor will NOT find on YAHOO FINANCE or other free sites on the Internet.
Use a commodities broker familiar with the gold market when purchasing gold equities. You don't use a real estate attorney to prepare your taxes. And think about this also. How many conventional idiot brokers, most of whom were recommending Enron just a few months ago, are even familiar with the gold market?
You get what you pay for & good, solid, up to date information is PRICELESS.
Ultimately, the most important quality a good broker can provide is honesty & character. These are items of substance that investors are finally discovering through their observations of the Enron Debacle. Baird Montgomery has been a commodities broker for 20 years & has established an excellent reputation for honesty & character.

Baird Montgomery
Montgomery Commodities, Inc.
111 Smith Hines Rd, Suite H
Greenville, SC 29607
(800) 835-9482


Gold remains at or very near to $300/oz, and it does appear that support is holding. Bullion has held, and gold shares held firm yesterday, and our propensity to own (gold) shares remains reasonably high.

…the WGC reported that "investment" demand for gold (that other than jewellery demand) rose 8%, led by Japan's rather arch 54% increase in "investment" demand.

Interestingly, the WGC noted that this increase in Japan was less than $8/person in total gold demand, or "one one hundredth of one per cent of GDP." If true, then even a very slight rise to perhaps $15/person in Japan this year would be rather archly bullish. The bullish implications seem worth considering.

Barrick's management has now decided to reduce its hedging operations materially. That, we think, is worthy of not.

Baird Montgomery The Gartman Report 2-15-2002

* * * * *


Gold is at the starting line. GOLD HAS REFUSED to meander far from the 300-dollar mark. The referee has begun the countdown. The runners (gold mining companies) are at the starting line up and ready to begin the most significant Gold Bull Mania RUN we will ever witness in our lifetimes!

It's time to get out of that easy chair & call your broker!

PLEASE send us an email & share your thoughts with us if you are getting excited with this coming gold bull!!!

David Vaughn

* * * * *

It is the author/publisher's goal of this letter that the reader may have his or her interest piqued in such a manner that will compel the individual to do their own further diligent research on the topic, issue or company discussed herein. The author/publisher of this publication has taken every precaution to provide the most accurate information possible. The information & data were obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but because the information & data source are beyond the author's control, no representation or guarantee is made that it is complete or accurate. The reader accepts information on the condition that errors or omissions shall not be made the basis for any claim, demand or cause for action. Because of the ever-changing nature of information & statistics the author/publisher strongly encourages the reader to communicate directly with the company and/or with their personal investment advisor to obtain up to date information. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Any statements non-factual in nature constitute only current opinions, which are subject to change. The author/publisher may or may not have a position in the securities and/or options relating thereto, & may make purchases and/or sales of these securities relating thereto from time to time in the open market or otherwise. Neither the information, nor opinions expressed, shall be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any stock, futures or options contract mentioned herein. The author/publisher of this letter is not a qualified financial advisor & is not acting as such in this publication. Investors are advised to obtain the advice of a qualified financial & investment advisor before entering any financial transaction.