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World's third largest gold producing nation

Australia is the world's third largest gold producing nation, yielding some 300 tonnes a year


MacBride Museum
The MacBride Museum has the largest Yukon Gold exhibition in the world. A fascinating building, made of log with a sod roof, MacBride museum houses quite a collection of artifacts from the Goldrush and before. They have a good natural history section, a native cultural display, a Mounties in the North exhibition, and in their grounds, you can pan for gold and see the world famous "Sam McGee's Cabin". Well worth the small entrance fee. Good gift shop.

The MacBride Museum is situated on the banks of the Yukon River in downtown Whitehorse, Yukon. Built in 1967, the museum was named after William D. MacBride as a tribute to his founding of the Yukon Historical Society in 1950.

The main museum building features four permanent exhibit galleries which explore the prehistory and human history of the Yukon , focusing on First Nations, the Gold Rush, the Mounties, The city of Whitehorse, and the vast natural and geological history of the territory. The most recent exhibition is Rivers of Gold, the largest public collection of Yukon gold in Canada, which tells the history of placer mining in the Yukon. The museum also houses a fine museum shop, public lecture room, and collections storage area.

The exhibit Rivers of Gold tells the history of placer mining in the Yukon

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