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About Dubai - The City Of Gold

Welcome to DUBAI - THE CITY OF GOLD - the first ever on-line Jewellery Market in Dubai. Choose from an exhaustive list of all the jewellers in Dubai and visit their shops online for all kinds of exotic jewellery to suit all kinds of requirements and taste.

This site has been conceived, designed and developed, and is being maintained by Emirates Business Management. It contains a whole lot of information about the jewellers in this country, as well as allows you to visit their online stores.

Its new online Power Search Facility offered you quick, easy and relevant search results; provides our advertisers with a cost-effective way to drive lots of targeted leads to their Web sites; and offers our affiliate partners a meaningful, new search capability.

You may search for jewellers from the various parameters inlcuding:

  • Physical location of the Jewellery Stores
  • Type of Jewellery Business (eg. gold, silver, diamond, pearls, bullion, etc.)
  • Types of Accessories (such as:
  • Make of jewellery (such as: UAE Made, Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, etc.)

One can also Search for Dealers of Jewellery Accessories such as: Boxes & Displays, Weighing Scales, etc.

Further, one can Search for Companies offering relates services such as: Jewellery Photographers, Jewellery Softwares, etc.

Thus, this site has something for everyone - no matter what you may be looking for.


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